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Aspect 'Doctor Range' Skin Care

We also stock a specialised range of skin care to complement your treatments.

Healthy skin is as easy as ABC

A) A daily routine of: (i) Cleanser (ii) Exfoliant (iii) Moisturiser

B) Sun-protection with “Aspect Sun

C) Targeted serums for problem areas.

All products are made without synthetic fragrances and without animal products.

You are welcome to come into our clinic or order online for your convenience. -> link to online order form etc)


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Mild Clean (100mL) $60

Actions: For daily use and all skin types to remove make-up, cream and daily debris. 

Contains: Canadian Willowherb (organic botanical anti-oxidant); Glycerin (a lipid with cleansing & antimicrobial properties)


Deep Clean (100mL) $ 60

Actions: A simultaneous cleanser, antioxidant and exfoliant to give a smooth and refreshed look.

Suitable for any skin type, especially congested and pigmented skin.

Contains: Canadian Willowherb (organic botanical anti-oxidant); organic retinol; coconut
hydrofoam, gentle lactic acid (for mico-exfoliation).


AHA/BHA cleanser (220mL) $65

Actions: removes excess oil and improves skin tone in acne-prone, pigmented or aging skin.

Contains: salicyclic acid and lactic acid (for mixroexfoliation); aloe soother.



Exfol A (30mL) $ 135

Actions: reduce problematic pigment and wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth, even toned and rejuvenated.

Contains: Retinoids (vitamin A-like substances), gentle lactic acid (for microexfoliation).



Ultra Light (50g) $ 90

Actions: For daily use with all skin types, for those who prefer a lighter moisturiser.

Contains: hyaluronic acid; peptides; Red Clover flower extract (balance and hydrate)


Resveratrol Moisturizing Cream (50g) $ 98

Actions: Thoroughly nourishes and moisturises skin to soften skin and reduce fine lines.

Contains: Resveratrol (Japanese knotweed); peptides; vitamin E (antioxidant).


Hydra Shield (112g) $80

Actions: Lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser for daily use.

Contains: zinc oxide & vitamin E (antioxidants); glycerine (hydrating lipid).


Targeted Serums

Multi-B Plus (30mL) $135

Action: decreases redness & breakouts, removes excess oil, hydrates skin.

Contains: vitamin B complex, especially B3, Atlantic Ocean algae extract, Canadian
whillowherb (organic anti-oxidant).


Active C Serum (30mL) $ 135

Action: brightens & illuminates your skin; reduces dark spots

Contains: vitamin C, vitamin B5


BHA Purifying Gel (50g) $135

Action: improves & moderates problematic skin, blemishes and acne

Contains: salicylic acid, glycerin, benzyl chlorid


Problem Skin Serum (30mL) $135

Action: clarify and sooth blemish pone, oily skin

Contains: Canadian Whillowherb, Vitamin C, Amazonian Acai berry (settles redness)


Soothing Gel (118mL) $ 49

Action: multipurpose gel which cools, soothes & decreases redness. Ideal after any skin
treatment or sunburn.

Contains: Glycerin, Aloe, cucumber extract, hazel, milk protein


Complete Pigment Plus (30mL) $ 159

Actions: reduces age spots and pigment, improves skin sustenance

Contains: Vitamin C, soy, tranexamic acid (amino acid which diminishes dark spot) 


Optiboost complex (30mL) $135

Actions: powerful antioxidant, ideal skin support after treatment, evens complexion

Contains: hyaluronic acid (normally found in skin); L-Ergothioneine (an antioxidant amino
acid); organic antioxidants.


Hyaluronic Acid serum (30mL) $135

Actions: ultra-hydrating effects which nourishes skin & removes fine wrinkles;
soothes skin; pre-treat skin before applying make-up.

Contains: Hyalorunic acid; vitamin B3; vitamin C


Redless (30mL) $135

Actions: minimises redness; ideal for treated radiated skin, moisturises & nourishes.

Contains: vitamin E & C; Coenzyme Q10 (promotes elasticity for youthful skin);  organic antioxidants (plant extracts)


Eyelift (15g) $135

Actions: reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around eyes

Contains: peptides; collagen; vitamin E


Hydrating Lip Balm (5g) $16; pack of 12 $154

Actions: hydrates & nourishes lips; fast-acting & non-greasy

Contains: Cocao butter; grapeseed oil; vitamin E


ABC Essentials Kit

Try a bit of everything with our top range Essentials Kit

Deep Clean (30mL)

Multi B Plus (15mL)

Active C (15mL)

Exfol A Plus (15mL)

Resveratrol (15g)


Aspect Sun:

SPF 50+ Cream (75mL) $ ??

4 hour water resistant

Protects against the harmful effects of UV exposure, to minimise aging and the risk of skin cancer